Chillhop Music Provided Great Entertainment for CS_Summit
If you were ever wondering about who else makes some of the music a person heard at Beyond the Summit’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament, cs_summit, look absolutely no further.
Say hello to Chillhop Music.
Chillhop Songs was the provider from the awesome music you as well as thousands of people heard while you're watching the cs_Summit the past 3 days.
After the tournament, an agent of the company took to Reddit to address and get some feedback about their participation at the event.
We are Chillhop Music and we provided the music for the cs_summit. We would exactly like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive feedback!
I’m not sure if it’s too off-topic, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the remarks and feedback over the last few days. It’s super motivating for all of us to see so many positive remarks from an audience all of us relate with. As a long time DotA fan I always experienced like our music would fit events like these perfectly so I’m extremely happy a lot of people feel the same way, and the artists on the label are all very stoked to see their music being this type of great fit for an occasion like this as well.
In case anyone’s wondering, you can use this link to find our music upon any platform (YouTube / Spotify / Vinyl and so on etc). Thanks again as well as hopefully we can support much more of these events as I truthfully feel like these Summits tend to be my favorite kind of tournament being so casual / individual,CSGO Ak47 Skins and we’re honored to become a part of it.
If anyone has any questions concerning the music, shoot away.