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    For hunting, riding and outdoor pursuits, the Norfolk jacket was the optimum choice, a singlebreasted jacket, ideal for Golden Goose Sneakers shooting, due to its loose fit. It had a belt or halfbelt, made from tweed. Making a shoebox diorama is extremely easy. A diorama is like creating a moment or a picture in your mind in reality. When we act individually, whether with a political motivation, as part of our jobs, or as an artistic endeavor, we are limited by our weaknesses. For example, no matter how much you try, you cannot both tie your shoes and brush your hair at the same time not effectively anyway! No matter how skilled an individual may be, he or she will still exhibit weaknesses based upon knowledge, strength, political and social pull, etc. Wearing high heels also meant a higher risk of foot injury. According to the results of a social survey shows that most people wearing high heels have experienced at least one minor foot injury. The use of kangaroo leather in sports shoes dates to at least 1906, when Spalding began making cleats out of hides for college football teams and baseball players. In 1954, soccer shoes also migrated from boots of heavier cow leather to kangaroo hide, as German shoemaker Adidas created the modern soccer shoe. If you are a firsttime cycling shoes buyer, visit a local cycling shop (see Resource 1) that has a testing station for shoes. Stay away from ordering your first pair online because you don't yet know what to look for. The sole also influences the degree of impact that the shoes can endure. What began as an attempt to cushion an injured foot turned into one of the most wellknown icons in the world.