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  • AMD Clean Uninstall Utility download

    AMD Clean Uninstall Utility download can be a handy program that can help from the removal of AMD Catalyst drivers from your system. It removes most of the traces related with driver installations to be able to prepare the system for just a new version.
    The application covers graphic, USB and audio drivers, chipsets, also as software programs for example Control Middle and HYDRAVISION. The removal operation is logged in detail so it might be reviewed afterwards.
    AMD Clean Uninstall Utility doesn’t require installation, simply operate the EXE file in an effort to initiate it successfully. To put it differently, the application is portable, for that reason it can be carried over a removable drive and launched on any computer without having affecting its settings.
    Also, there’s no interface towards the program; alternatively, you can connect with a simple dialog that displays a short description that sums up the purpose with the program. When you hit the ‘OK’ button, AMD Clean Uninstall Utility proceeds to scanning your system and identifying the qualified drivers / programs.
    These will probably be removed automatically, and you are made available the possibility to view a complete log of your operation in XML format. This file consists of vital information related to the components which have been removed and may be opened inside of your default browser.
    The error log could be identified with the bottom with the XML file and encases aspects pertaining to defective installations that couldn’t be erased (if any). The whole operation requires a restart in order for the alterations to choose result.
    You can rest assured that AMD Clean Uninstall Utility does its position properly. By removing aged driver components, it lays the grounds for new installations that may fall short if not.